Live Malware & Internet Endangerment Assembled In Brooklyn. A collection of packaged pestilence that has caused nearly $100 billion in damage to the global economy.

Use at your own risk. Curated from Open Malware, hosted by the Georgia Tech Information Security Center.

A project by Yifan Hu and Song Hia. Initial run produced for sale and barter at the Internet Yami-Ichi in NY 2. Featured on Mashable's "Best Gifts For Internet Lovers" Snapchat Discovery Channel and in The New York Observer. A limited run was produced for sale online. High resolution photos.



reported costs: $38.5 billion
discovered: 2004.01.26

Mydoom is primarily transmitted via e-mail, appearing as a transmission error, with subject lines including "Error", "Mail Delivery System", "Test" or "Mail Transaction Failed" in different languages, including English and French.

The mail contains an attachment that, if executed, resends the worm to e-mail addresses found in local files such as a user's address book. It also copies itself to the “shared folder” of peer-to-peer file-sharing application KaZaA in an attempt to spread that way.

wikipedia - virus information


reported costs: $37.1 billion
discovered: 2003.01.09

Sobig was the first of the spam botnet worms and turned computers into spam relays. Before the advent of Broadband Internet, manually sending spam or making use of an open SMTP relay were the most common methods of sending spam emails, but these methods are time-consuming and/or can quickly lead to the spammer being caught and (at least) having an account revoked.

The botnet was a godsend to spammers, as it made easy the falsifying of email headers and many other ways to completely hide the spammer's identity, while sending millions of spam emails per day.

wikipedia - virus information


reported costs: $9.1 billion
discovered: 2008.11.20

The name of the worm is a play on the word "Configuration" and "Ficker", a German obscenity akin to the English word "Fucker".

Because the worm avoids infecting computers with a Ukrainian keyboard, it is commonly thought that this worm may come from Ukraine. In late March of 2009, a Vietnamese firm, BKIS, claimed to have found evidence that it actually originated in China.

wikipedia - virus information


reported costs: $8.75 billion
discovered: 2000.05.04

ILOVEYOU, sometimes referred to as Love Letter, was a computer worm that attacked tens of millions of Windows personal computers on and after 5 May 2000 local time in the Philippines when it started spreading as an email message with the subject line "ILOVEYOU" and the attachment "LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU.txt.vbs".

The latter file extension (in this case, 'VBS' - a type of interpreted file) was most often hidden by default on Windows computers of the time, leading unwitting users to think it was a normal text file.

wikipedia - virus information


reported costs: $2.75 billion
discovered: 2001.07.13

CodeRed is a worm that caused possible billions of dollars of damage in the summer of 2001. It contains the text string "Hacked by Chinese!", which is displayed on web pages that the worm defaces.

It is also one of the few worms able to run entirely in memory, leaving no files on the hard drive or any other permanent storage.

wikipedia - virus information


reported costs: $1.2 billion
discovered: 2003.01.25

Taking 15 minutes to spread worldwide, the SQL Slammer worm was one of the largest and fastest spreading worms ever. For this reason, some have described Slammer as the first "Warhol worm" (had its 15 minutes of fame), a fast-propagating Internet worm hypothesized in 2002 in a paper by Nicholas Weaver.

Continental Airlines resorted to pens and paper to record reservations and tickets. The airline had to delay and cancel some flights, though no delays lasted more than 30 minutes. Banks in the US and Canada were hard hit. A majority of Bank of America's ATMs were rendered useless and while most were running by the evening, some customers reported being unable to use them well into the next day. The U.S. departments of State, Agriculture, Commerce and Defense were infected with the worm. The Emergency 911 network was down for some time.

wikipedia - virus information

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